2 days / 13 speeches
exhibition area

11-12 May

Polish Bitcoin Association

Member of the parliamentary Commission for Digitization, Innovation and Modern Technologies

Lech Wilczyński

Co-founder of InPay S.A – Poland’s first Bitcoin payments processor

Co-founder of InPay S.A–Poland’s first Bitcoin payments processor, member of the Digital Affairs, Innovation and New Technology Commission under Sejm, Graduate of the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology with a degree in Robotics and multi-agent systems and software engineering.

Polish Bitcoin Association member and promoter of digital currency technologies. Presenter at the following conferences:Digital Money, Wolves Summit, Asbiro, TEDxWSB, CEEC, SGH Alternative Investments, Inspiring Solutions, E-commerce Day, InfoShare, Mobile Congress, Aula Polska, E-Commerce Trends, Financial Intelligence, TechMine, International High Tech Forum, and Cryptology and Business.